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Biometrics Door Access
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cctv singapore

Our cameras are design for commercial and residential surveillance and can provide Full HD / 4K quality image that are clear and sharp

hd cctv singapore

Our cameras are designed for various monitoring environment and can provide 720P and 1080P quality images that are clear and sharp.

Secure Entry Points with Door Access Control Systems In this digital age, technology can now be used to control one’s admittance to a premise. Door access systems are a form of door lock that utilises a keyless system to secure the entry points of home, offices, and buildings. It only permits authorised individuals to enteraaa

We offers a complete range of Intrusion Alarm system (Solar, Wireless, fire / flood/ smoke detection) solution in Singapore.

Our product can support different requirements such as checking punctuality and overtime working hours of employees.

turnstile singapore

We have a wide variety turnstiles models in Singapore, including both Half Height Turnstile and Full Height Turnstiles.

Visitor Management System

We offers Visitor Management System with Cloud Server in Singapore

car barrier

The automatic barriers are able to monitor and control remotely from the security guardhouse. Access controls of vehicle movements to and from the carpark.

Digital signage display screens are used as a network of electronic displays that are centrally managed and individually addressable for the display of text, animated or video messages for advertising, information, entertainment and merchandising to targeted audiences.

We are offering wide range of body temperature screening solution for different situations, including: Body temperature screening camera, Body temperature measurement door, Body temperature measurement facial recognition terminals…

Security Camera and Surveillance CCTV Systems in Singapore

With an approximated 538 cases of serious property, housebreaking and related crimes recorded in the last few years, there is an increasing need and demand for public places and homes to increase safety protocols through the implementation of surveillance or a  security system in their premises throughout Singapore. At Huntaway, we understand that there are impending threats and attacks our community needs to be aware of and protected from. We have made a name for ourselves in home and business safety.

At Huntaway, our mission is to serve the needs of our community to protect its people and property by creating a value-added solution. By leveraging on best technologies and capabilities,e are committed and determined to provide the best solutions so that our clients can benefit from enhanced safety. We not only offer professional-grade security and surveillance systems, but our CCTV surveillance contractors provide installation services for our customers in Singapore. We will also continue to service our products through a comprehensive CCTV maintenance contract, ensuring peace of mind for our clients in Singapore.

Beyond CCTV Installation And Maintenance Services: Other Services in Singapore

As a result of technological development, a variety of cameras meant for security and surveillance purposes have been invented. Huntaway Security Pte. Ltd. is a one-stop professional security system and surveillance service provider and specialist. As mentioned, we provide CCTV vendor services and maintenance and installation contract solutions to our customers in Singapore. We are the first security company to provide a two-year on-site warranty for most of our services in the Singapore market.

Scroll down to look through the services we offer as a CCTV system supplier, vendor, and reseller in Singapore.


Depending on your requirements for home or business safety, Huntaway has a range of comprehensive CCTV systems to choose from. Designed for commercial and residential surveillance, these systems will provide 960H quality images that will help meet your safety requirements. Our contractors In Singapore also offer onsite installation for your convenience.


Our HD cameras are designed for the surveillance of various environments. They are capable of capturing and providing high definition images of 720P and 1080P resolution that are clear and sharp.

Access Control

Increase safety and productivity while reducing manpower costs with the implementation of access control into your security system. We have a wide variety of access controls ranging from fingerprint readers, card readers, facial recognition readers and turnstiles. Please contact our vendor for more products and details.

Time Attendance

Huntaway has various time attendance systems to support your requirements. From biometric fingerprint readers to PIN readers our products can record your employees’ over-time working hours and punctuality.


Huntaway supplies and maintains a wide variety of turnstile models for clients looking for high-quality access control and security systems. Our turnstile models that manage crowds in Singapore include both half height and full height turnstiles. Turnstile controls ranging from external cards to fingerprint readers can be added based on your needs.

Dome Camera

Encased in a transparent and durable cover, the lens of the camera remains protected from possible vandals. Moreover, due to its movable lens, a wider angle can be monitored making the camera direction harder to be determined by intruders. At Huntaway, we offer a complete range of CCTV dome cameras for your surveillance purposes. These Include AVTECH, Bosch, Samsung, Pelco, Panasonic, Maxview, Impaq, Honeywell, and Hikvision.

Bullet Camera

Studies have shown that the presence of cameras deters possible intruders. With its highly visible cylindrical shape, the installation of bullet cameras will make premises an undesirable target. We offer CCTV IR bullet cameras which Include both Fixed Lens IR Bullet Camera and Varifocal IR Bullet Cameras that have a long-range for viewing large areas.

Solar Camera

At Huntaway, we offer the option of integrating the new generation of solar-powered solar cameras into your security system. These solar cameras do not require any power or signal lines, making it an environmentally friendly option, relying solely on solar energy.


A DVR’s main function is to store security camera footage to a hard drive. With most CCTV cameras capturing analog pictures, a DVR converts analog signals to digital ones before compressing it. We stock a range of high performance, H.264 DVRs that are designed to provide high-quality images and conserve storage for our clients in Singapore.

PABX System

Also known as the Private Automatic Branch Exchange, a PABX system is a telephone switch that permits an organisation to create its own in-house telephone network. The PABX system available at Huntaway is flexible and has a simple expansion system. With its easy programming, dialing, calling and transferring calls to extensions encoded to a unique number becomes simplified, satisfying the demands of the most sophisticated users.


Communicate with your visitors with our crystal clear video and perfect audio intercoms. With this simple yet effective verification system, you can grant access to visitors with the door opening function after authenticating them through conversation and viewing.

Intrusion Alarm

Protect your property and yourself against burglary or damage. Our alarm system caters to different requirements and environments providing users with peace of mind when they are away from home. From intrusion detection to smoke detection, Huntaway provides highly customised solutions for your protection.

Other Systems and maintenance

In addition to being a CCTV supplier, reseller and vendor in Singapore, we offer a range of solutions for your security needs. As mentioned, we provide system installation and maintenance contract solution to our customers. We are also the first security company in the Singapore market to provide a two-year on-site warranty for most of our services.

Whether you require a one-time installation of the best home security camera or the creation of a surveillance system for your property in Singapore, we assure the provision of the best services at the most economical pricing. Browse our website and contact us at (+65) 6316 1284 now for a free discussion regarding our services and safety solutions.