What is the Importance of a Visitor Management System?

Visitor management is a common practice that takes place in all companies and organisations regardless of their sizes and is about tracking and managing guests to your office. If you have a business, you will likely have different visitors passing through your office whether in the form of clients, shareholders, vendors, or customers. 

If you have visitors on an everyday basis, it is important to keep a record to be prepared for any mishap that might happen in the future. Some businesses only record the visitor’s name and the purpose of the visit, while others might also ask for an ID card, depending on the safety standards of the organisation.

However, it can be tedious and tiring to track and manage the visitors manually. Hence, more and more companies in Singapore are slowly moving toward advanced systems for visitor management such as CCTV surveillance cameras, digital signage kiosks and visitor management machines to efficiently manage the guests. Here are other key reasons why you should consider implementing a visitor management system in your office:

Securely Manage Data

For all aspects of your business, it is always important to have a secure system to manage your data. Similarly, when it comes to visitor management, you need to be using a technology-enabled system that can securely store all the required information about visitors in one place. The traditional approach of using a log book to record visitors’ details, where the information is accessible to everyone, is not at all secure in today’s digital age.

If you are looking for help to set up a visitor management system in your office in Singapore, Huntaway can assist you by offering a surveillance system together with our other security solutions to manage your visitors’ data smoothly.

Better First Impression

First impressions matter and with a modern visitor management system in place, you can create a good impression on your visitors whether they are your client, customers, or candidates arriving for an interview. You can allow pre-registration on the digital system for your guests so that they can know what to expect, as well as email them the critical information about the directions to the company or the parking facility. 

Most offices in Singapore today even have a visitor management system that includes vehicle barriers to control and manage vehicle movements in and out of your parking area. At Huntaway, a leading supplier of car park barrier systems in Singapore, you can get high-quality security solutions for your building.  Installing our LED signage display screens in your office will also improve the first impression of your business by highlighting your brand’s distinct identity.

Saves Time

A digital visitor management system also helps you save time by eliminating the hassle of a manual check-in process and making it both automated and efficient. On top of this, you can also have access to all the information of your visitors within a few clicks. Using visitor management tools will not only save time for your company, but will also ensure that your visitors don’t have to go through a tiring check-in and information collection process. This ensures a streamlined and smooth experience for visitors. 

Manage Visitors to Your Office with Huntaway

A visitor management system is crucial to ensuring any modern workplace’s security. Whether you are managing a small business or a large organisation, you cannot ignore the importance of a technologically advanced visitor management system. 

At Huntaway in Singapore, we can facilitate the visitor management process by installing digital signage kiosks for self-registration together with a visitor management machine and turnstile barrier system to create a smooth experience for visitors to your office. You can also contact us directly to discuss your security solutions needs.


What are The Benefits of Access Control Systems?

Security has always been a major concern for any business. If your office space or building contains important inventory, equipment or confidential information that you want to protect from thieves or burglars, you should look into installing a good security system. 

Although CCTV cameras are known to protect businesses by keeping constant surveillance, you can upgrade the security level of any area by adding access control systems that will restrict unwanted or suspicious entry to the building, space or location. Apart from upgrading your overall security measures, access control systems like biometric fingerprint readers, card readers, facial recognition readers, and turnstiles offer a lot of other benefits to businesses. Here are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy:

Protection Against Unwanted Visitors

For most businesses, one of the major security concerns is being able to monitor who is entering or leaving their premise and when, in order to prevent suspicious entries. This can be made difficult if your building or area has lots of foot traffic – but this is not the case anymore. To ensure extra security, most businesses in Singapore are now switching to door access control systems such as turnstiles combined with biometric fingerprint or card readers. This ensures superior access control by detecting and deterring unauthorised entries.

No More Fear of Losing Keys

Gone are the days when a single bunch of keys was used to manage a huge building, as losing any one of the keys was enough to pose a serious threat to the building’s overall security.  Now more and more businesses in Singapore are transitioning to door access control systems like fingerprint and card readers to ensure a totally keyless entry. This makes lost keys a redundant concern and moreover, if in case the card gets misplaced, it is much easier to assign a new one and deactivate the old one rather than finding the lost key or changing the locks.

Keep Track of Everything

In the absence of a proper control system, it can get difficult to track who was present in the event of a break-in or theft incident. An access control system lets you keep a complete track of who is coming or leaving the premise or swiped their cards to access a particular area. If you have a card reader or fingerprint reader installed in your office in Singapore, it makes it much easier to track who is coming and going through that specific space. 

Ease of Access for Employees

The installation of automated control systems offers ease of access to employees arriving at and leaving work. Installing fingerprint attendance systems in particular comes in handy for tracking attendance. This can also act as evidence of which employees were present on a particular day and for how long, in case any security breach happens and investigations need to be carried out. Moreover, assigning cards to employees for confidential or restricted access to a particular area makes it easier for them to get their job done without needing to repeatedly ask management for access.

Security Against Data Breaches

A company may hold a lot of confidential information such as financial records or sensitive client data that needs to be stored securely. Although the information is stored on company-owned servers, installing access control systems can restrict or grant physical access to IT rooms and even individual computers or networks so that no data breach happens.

Upgrade the Security of Your Building With Huntaway

Access control systems offer a great solution to upgrading the security in your facility and improving the daily flow of operations.

 At Huntaway we can help you tighten the security of your premises by installing technologically advanced access control systems. With our reliable security solutions including card readers, facial recognition locks, turnstiles and biometric fingerprint readers, you can conveniently and efficiently control access to any of your properties in Singapore. 

Apart from offering door access control systems across Singapore, you can also browse through our other security solutions including intrusion alarmsCCTV surveillance camerastime attendancevisitor management, and more. For more information and queries about our security services in Singapore, contact us today.


Understanding The Types Of CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTVs have become an indispensable part of this technological era. Whether it’s your home or office, installing a CCTV camera for surveillance is always of great help when it comes to increasing levels of security and ensuring safety. Capable of producing clear and sharp images to monitor your premise, a CCTV camera makes a great addition to your security system. As a matter of fact, most businesses in Singapore are securing their premises with CCTV installation, with private offices, and factories following to enhance their security by installing CCTV cameras.

However, there is a vast array of CCTV camera options available in Singapore. As such, choosing the right CCTV surveillance camera for installation at any premise can be a challenge. Let Huntaway Security, a leading CCTV contractor in Singapore, guide you through the different types of CCTV systems available and offer tips on how to choose the best one for your location and needs.

1. Solar CCTV Cameras

Solar CCTV cameras are solar-powered, using solar panels to convert sunlight into direct current electricity. In Singapore, you will find solar CCTV cameras installed at construction sites and other open areas for several reasons. For one,  solar CCTV cameras rid you of the need to deal with excessive amounts of external wiring. Moreover, it is affordable as it stores extra electrical power generated by the solar panel, reducing the need for electricity. At Huntaway Security, you get to choose either a fixed or PTZ camera depending on your security requirements.

2. Dome CCTV Cameras

If you are looking for the perfect CCTV camera for your office, home, warehouse, or commercial space, a dome-shaped camera could be the right option. These uniquely shaped cameras are not only packed with advanced technologies, but also offer a wider vantage point, serving as a deterrent in the most complex residential or commercial spaces. Besides, dome cameras are easy to install, and their 360-degree rotation covers all the corners of the area they are installed in. Huntaway offers IR Dome CCTV cameras that allow you to monitor activities even in low-light or no-light conditions with the help of built-in infrared LEDs. Also, you can choose from multiple top brands including Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Samsung, and Panasonic.

3. Bullet CCTV Cameras

To capture long distances, bullet CCTV cameras are considered ideal. Long and cylindrical, these CCTV systems are generally placed outdoors in Singapore, but work efficiently indoors as well. Their casings are resistant to water, dust, and dirt, making them ideal choices when it comes to withstand challenging environments. They offer high-quality image resolution along with IR night vision, which allows the camera to work in low-light or no-light conditions. 

4. Fisheye CCTV Cameras

Fisheye CCTV cameras are known for providing video surveillance with dynamic viewing angles with the help of their ultra-wide-angle lens. As they offer a 360-degree view with the ability to see everything around with no blind spots, they can be installed in manufacturing sites, parking lots, hotels, and a lot more other locations for precise surveillance. They not only provide panoramic views, but also create split views in different directions. This increases coverage without installing additional cameras.

5. PTZ CCTV Cameras

PTZ cameras, known as Pan-tilt-zoom-cameras, let you have full control of everything that is recorded by the camera. PTZ cameras work the best when you need to have live monitoring on the field as you can turn your camera left or right, zoom in and out, or tilt it up and down using a button to get a better view. 

In Singapore, PTZ CCTV cameras are commonly installed at manufacturing and construction sites for several reasons. They are not only capable of covering expansive areas, but can also be panned and tilted up to 360-degree to get better details of an area. For extended distances, you can zoom in to monitor minute details of the targeted object. Besides, they work great in poor lighting areas and have proven to be effective in challenging weather conditions. Choose from the top brands of PTZ cameras including Hikvision, Dahua, Bosch, Samsung, and Panasonic and enhance the security of your space.

Get The Right CCTV Camera Installed With Huntaway Security

Looking for the right type of CCTV surveillance for your residential or commercial space? Huntaway Security offers a wide range of security solutions to enhance the security of your premise while keeping your needs in mind. As a leading CCTV supplier in Singapore, we provide everything from basic monitoring to advanced surveillance and security systems. To avail of the benefits, check out the prices of our affordable range of CCTV cameras and choose the one depending on your needs. 

Apart from offering CCTV services in Singapore, we offer a variety of other security solutions including intrusion alarmsaccess controltime attendancevisitor management, and more. For more information and queries about our  CCTV services in Singapore, contact us today.


The Best Access Control Systems For Singaporean Businesses

Any business operating within an industry that includes working with confidential information and sensitive data or expensive machinery and other equipment understands that security is one of the top priorities. These business assets are essential to the success of your business, and as such it’s absolutely vital to ensure they’re as safe and secure as they can be at all times.

One integral measure to this security is a quality access control system, an electronically powered security system which provides access to buildings, areas and rooms to specific staff members. This effectively minimises the risk of physical data breaches and theft of essential equipment. 

As a leading security company in Singapore backed by years of experience, we’ve had a number of customers asking us about effective access control in Singapore. To better answer their queries, our team has put together a list of options available. Keep in mind, though, that each business’ needs are vastly different, so make sure to call us if you’d like to discuss a personalised access control system solution to suit your needs.

1. Turnstiles

Chances are at some stage of your life, you’ve come across and even had to walk through a turnstile. These are mechanical gates that allow only one person to pass through at a time, and can be a highly effective piece of the access control system puzzle for a few different reasons. 

First, they’re a great way to implement controlled access to certain areas of a building. For example, a visitor to the building may only be granted access to a very particular area via a turnstile.

They also make a very effective method of flow regulation; instead of an open area where there may be issues with crowding, everyone is required to queue and walk through the turnstiles in a more organised manner. The added benefit of this is also that there’s no manual requirement to identify passes – the turnstile will do that job instead.

Finally, turnstiles can act as a great deterrent for anyone who would otherwise simply be able to walk to wherever they pleased.

2.  Biometric Fingerprints

Biometric fingerprinting in relation to access control systems involves enabling access to buildings, rooms, areas and even IT systems via fingerprints.

Fingerprint door access in Singapore is fast growing in popularity due to its efficiency and enhanced security. Staff no longer need to have an access card but simply scan their fingertips to gain access to wherever they need to go. It’s also becoming a great way for staff to log into their computers, too. The use of biometric fingerprints provides increased security as everyone’s fingerprints are unique and only registered users will be able to access crucial areas in your premises. On top of that, fingerprints are much harder to forge than a traditional key and you won’t have to worry about losing or forgetting them too.

3. Card Reader

Perhaps the most common door access control system in Singapore currently is the card reader. These are part of a business’ security system which verifies different staff members when they scan or swipe their access card at the machine on a door. 

Each machine can be coded to accept specific staff cards, and it can be quite a straightforward way to set up restricted access areas throughout a building as there’s no longer a need for employees to carry around multiple keys to be able to get to where they need to work.

4. Facial Recognition

Another biometric access and restriction method in Singapore aside from fingerprint door access is through facial recognition technology. Your current smartphone, tablet and/or laptop may even have this technology too.

It’s much faster for staff than using a card reader or even a visitor’s fingerprint, as they simply stand in front of a camera as they’re walking in and the door unlocks for them. It can also be a highly effective way to track visitors or employees should the need ever arise. This feature, along with the difficulty in forging the facial features of registered users acts as a strong security deterrent to protect your premises from unwanted visitors.

Safeguard Your Business With Huntaway Security

At Huntaway Security, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure your business is fully protected and future-proofed against any and all security breaches. Call our friendly team today on (+65) 6316 1284 or send us an online enquiry if you’d like to know more about the design and installation of a top quality access control system for your Singapore business.


How Does Using CCTV Cameras In Singapore Help Your Business?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are a ubiquitous sight in Singapore – they are seen at train stations, shopping malls, schools and places of business. Unsurprisingly, with how commonplace surveillance cameras are on local shores, Singapore is ranked 8th out of the world’s most surveilled cities for cameras per square mile. Reliable, cost and manpower effective, it is little wonder that CCTV systems are favoured security solutions in our nation. But are there any benefits of using CCTV services for your business?

Let Huntaway Security, a leading CCTV supplier and contractor in the local security industry, explain how CCTV cameras are a valuable asset in securing your premises.

1. Guarantees Visibility Of Entire Premise

As much as we want to, we can never split ourselves to be everywhere simultaneously or keep a lookout over every area of a physical building. But with the installation of a CCTV system for your business, you can. Provide yourself with an additional set of eyes to have an overview of your entire site at the same time and ensure no blind spots are missed. When your cameras are in place across your facility in Singapore, you will be able to gain an eagle’s eye view of your whole facility from one device. By obtaining the complete picture of what is happening in your business via CCTV, you can guarantee the visibility and security of your entire premises.

2. Monitor Your Business

Tracking staff performance is an added advantage of installing CCTVs on your premises in Singapore. Employers will be able to keep track of timekeeping and attendance – a helpful resource for when you cannot be on-site. Additionally, surveillance cameras help organisations check if their staff display appropriate and professional conduct at work. Monitoring staff and customer safety is another great reason to have a CCTV system in place. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore, this aids employers to check if their staff is following safety procedures. The awareness that your location is CCTV-secured further sends a message to customers that you prioritise safety for everyone and boosts customer trust for your business. Browse our extensive range of CCTV products, from our solar CCTV cameras to our dome CCTV cameras, and enjoy the advantages of monitoring your business.

3. Deter Crimes

The presence of a robust CCTV system installed at your business acts as a natural deterrent for crime and illegal activities. As a testament to its ability to ward off crime, the College Of Policing found a 51% decrease in crime in car parks with surveillance cameras. Likewise, Channel News Asia reported how the Singapore Police Force employs 90,000 cameras and plans to install more than 200,000 by 2030. Typically, thieves and vandals hunt for easy targets that will not attract any unwanted attention to themselves. However, if they spot CCTVs around your site, it will dissuade them from targeting your business as they want to avoid being caught on camera. Excellent for external security, CCTV cameras can also prevent employee wrongdoing when the staff know there are no blind spots for illegal activities.

4. Secure Evidence

Surveillance cameras are helpful tools to help your organisation maintain records of the daily occurrences on your premises in Singapore. In the unfortunate event that a dispute or crime occurs, it provides your business with a means of securing evidence by simply referring to the footage. Naturally, this assists in solving crimes by pinpointing time, place and suspects. The ability to show indisputable proof through a CCTV system is also vital in helping owners resolve internal and external disputes in their place of business. In addition, it comes in handy when handling insurance claims and can be advantageous for your case.

5. Saves Costs For Your Business

In Singapore, there are many forms of insurance you will need to run a business. But did you know that having CCTV cameras helps you save on insurance costs? Even insurance companies recognise that they enhance security and quote CCTV-secured businesses lower insurance premiums. As a result, your CCTV system is highly cost-effective. Also, compared to traditional security mediums, such as the presence of more security personnel, CCTVs are much more cost-efficient. Unlike humans who may fall sick or change jobs, surveillance cameras do not pose such problems and are always available to perform their duties once they are installed. In that sense, they further help companies avoid the staffing costs of constantly finding and hiring new security employees. Furthermore, their reliability extends to how they are less likely to malfunction in contrast to the human errors associated with a security guard.

Reap The Benefits Of A CCTV System For Your Business

Sold on why your business needs a CCTV system? Check out the prices of our affordable range of CCTV cameras to reap its benefits now! For enquiries or further questions about things such as CCTV maintenance in Singapore, contact our team, and we will be more than happy to assist you.