Access Control


Maxview CU-F391

*Special Offer $1,399*

  • Usual Price $1599
  • Facial Recognition + Biometric Fingerprint
Customize $1,399.00

ZK TF1700

TF1700 Price

Weatherproof Fingerprint, Card and Pin

Customize $999.00

ZK F18

Fingerprint Access Control System

Customize $999.00

Chiyu Biosence III

Biosence 3 Price

Fingerprint, Card and Pin Access Control System

Customize $1,350.00

Soyal 721H

Card and Pin Access Control System

Customize $599.00

Chiyu Webpass

Card and Pin Access Control System

Customize $750.00

HID 4045

Card and Pin Access Control System

Customize $850.00


ZK iFace302 Price

Facial Recognition + Fingerprint + Card Access Control System

Customize $1,699.00

ZK Multibio 700

ZK Multibio 700 Price

Facial Recognition + Fingerprint Access Control System

Customize $1,599.00

Biometric Access Control Systems for Singapore

Huntaway Security prides itself on being at the cutting edge of security technology – so we can offer our clients the very best products and advice.

We offer state of the art door access and biometric control technology including facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. We also stock and maintain biometric fingerprint readers and time attendance systems for our clients in Singapore.

Door control needs covered in Singapore

From a primary card reader to fingerprint scanner and the technologically advanced biometric facial recognition system, we have a range to cover the needs of door control requirements.

Door access through turnstiles can help to regulate your business’s security access requirements. This means only those with granted clearance can access your building, ensuring the safety of your personnel and data.

Monitor working hours in Singapore with time attendance systems

A time attendance system allows you to control your employee’s hours with accuracy and efficiency. You can monitor working hours and overtime and record their aces to the office.

With a quality range of time attendance options, including scanner and reader systems, we have the solution to fit your requirements.

A new wave of biometric technology hitting Singapore

A fingerprint scanner and facial recognition reader do not merely exists in movies and multi-million dollar operations. Our range offers this technology to everyday businesses to help them fulfill all monitoring, security and time attendance requirements.

Rely on our expert advice

Our door is always open, but for the quickest way to contact us, call us directly on (+65) 6316 1284 today.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always happy to help and provide the best advice when it comes to your security and monitoring systems. We can also provide you with an obligation-free assessment.