Time Attendance

Maxview CU-F391

  • Ficial Recognition + Biometric Fingerprint Reader / Scanner
  • Limited Time Promotion: 
  • $999 Only (1 Mar to 30 April)*

ZK TF1700

ZK TF1700
  • Fingerprint / Card / Pin 3 in 1 Reader / Scanner
  • IP 65 Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Store up to 2,200 Fingerprint templates, 10,000 Cards, and 30,000 Transcations
  • *Limited Time Promotion $799 Only (1 Mar to 30 April)*

Chiyu Biosence III

Biosence Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • Biometric Fingerprint + Card + Pin Reader / Scanner
  • Real time system monitor
  • Web-based system
  • Support up to 900 personnel (2 templates per user)

ZK MultiBio700

ZK MultiBio700
  • Facial Recognition + Fingerprint Reader
  • Face Capacity: 400, fingerprint: 2000
  • No Wear and Tear
  • Faster Recognition Speed (1 second)


ZK iFACE 302
  • Facial Recognition + Fingerprint + Card Reader
  • Face Capacity: 400, fingerprint: 2000
  • No Wear and Tear
  • Faster Recognition Speed (1 second)

Benefits of a Time Attendance System 

With the recent surge of technological advancements, organisations are utilising the latest technology to increase efficiency in completing daily mundane tasks. Likewise, your organisation is bound to benefit from time attendance systems. It is an easy to use interface that gives insight to your organisation’s time attendance data. Its implementation will allow you to accurately track employee presence and process and calculate total worked hours, including overtime, without much manpower. The data obtained from this system will then allow you to effectively manage your company and employees in Singapore, as well as drastically reduce the time spent on processing the work hours of each employee.

Why Implement a Biometric Attendance System Into Your Organisation?

Integrating a biometric reader into an attendance system simply enhances a time attendance system by verifying employee’s identity by their fingerprint, or facial recognition. Instead of the standard scan of a card, or entering a PIN, the biometric device with digital display is highly accurate in capturing the genuine presence of employees as no two individuals share the same fingerprint. This eliminates any chances of buddy punching, whereby one employee aids another by clocking in for them despite them being late, or absent from work. Each employee’s time in and time out are thus accurately captured, preventing them from cheating work procedures and getting paid for the hours they did not work. Moreover, a biometric attendance system eliminates human error when manually calculating the total worked hours and overtime hours of each employee. Retrieving data on workers’ work hours will also be simplified as all data will be stored in one location.

Why Make Huntaway Your Choice Time Attendance System Provider in Singapore?

At Huntaway, we have a wide variety of biometric fingerprint devices. These devices can be linked to CCTV for office and door access systems installed in your organisation in Singapore so that they can either be used as standalone door access or linked to an attendance system. Since the fingerprint reader plays an essential role in business organisations in Singapore, its sensor must be of good quality. At Huntaway, we ensure that all our readers have high-quality optical sensors to read fingers within seconds even if dry, sweaty, or oily. Some biometric readers with facial-recognition features, such as the ZK iFACE302, has an in-built HD infrared camera, enabling users to be identified in dark environments. We not only supply the biometric fingerprint readers but also ensure you are equipped with the best security devices, and have it maintained with our maintenance service contract. Contact us or call us at (+65) 6316 1284 to enquire about security services that we can provide for you and your organisation in Singapore.